So far since the Beta release there has been 3 updates to Godus.


Beta Update v1.3 released on 8th October, 2013.

v1.3.1 Bug FixesEdit

  • Farmers will now recognise a field and Abode as their own
  • Crash fix for game hanging on Mac on start-up
  • Chests will always reward cards
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading the game while a storm was occurring
  • Damaged Abodes will not have a Belief bubble
  • Fixed Advanced cards disappearing from Scrapbook
  • Settlement vision radius increased for Followers to see available jobs
  • Land Expansion Shrines are now repairable at sea level
  • Roads no longer go through farms
  • Scrapbook content page will update your era progress
  • Fixed repeating notification sound when you complete 20/20 of the Mount of the Gods

v1.3.1 Known IssuesEdit

  • Windows version will sometimes crash with s3e_debug_simulator error
  • Sometimes the Mac version will load with texture errors
  • Sometimes the Mac version will hardlock after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Looks like there are two cards spinning over Land Expansion Shrines
  • Land expansion shrine has no scaffolding
  • Difficult to see if Farms are selected to be moved with Town Planning
  • Lens flare from beams remains on Shrines
  • Special Followers will sometimes play female Follower sprog sound FX
  • Named Followers are randomly assigned a gender
  • Some VFX are not affected by nighttime
  • GODUS icon is low resolution
  • The final paragraph in the scrapbook does not fade in
  • Cannot quit game when cards are on-screen
  • Wheat is static in the wind
  • Roads to farms do not always appear
  • Statue of Speed FX can appear overblown
  • Sometimes there is an audio bug when returning to Homeworld mid-Multiplayer battle
  • Info bubble for a Settlement will sometimes not appear if the info bubble is already pen on another Settlement
  • Sometimes the Wheat icon will be transparent in the Settlement info bubble
  • Champions drown with too much of their body out of the swamp
  • Followers are not distracted by sculpting when returning home
  • If Followers are very far from the Totem, they could get stuck while navigating
  • The system mouse cursor will appear along with the GODUS cursor at the top of the screen
  • Quitting from Multiplayer will give the other player rewards


Beta Update v1.3 released on 4th October, 2013.

v1.3 New and Improved FeaturesEdit

  • Flow completed recrafted, much less meaningless clicking
  • Enter the Bronze Age and era of agriculture.
  • 12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography.
  • 8 New Resource cards to collect
  • 8 New God Cards to collect
  • New unlocks to increase your Area of Influence, speed up followers and cheaper settlements
  • Unlock a new Farmer Follower and grow your civilisation through agriculture
  • Farmers will grow crops outside of settlements for the population
  • Crops are gathered to feed your population and advance your civilisation
  • Choose the most fertile and efficient land for your crops
  • Dynamic weather system where lightning storms will bombard your Homeworld, damaging Abodes not in a settlement
  • Sprogging centralised within settlements rather than on individual Abodes
  • Sprogging from Abodes only available when the Followers have a job
  • Abodes inside a settlement now have second stories allowing much greater capacity and Belief.
  • Multiplayer balanced so that enemy followers will not fight each other as you plan dominance
  • New scrapbook hints
  • Felt tents no longer produce Belief and instead house more Followers and have faster Follower generation
  • Faster info bubbles
  • New God Power icons
  • Followers share their thoughts and needs via Prayers
  • Beam added to Shrines within Area of Influence
  • All battle maps quicker to fight
  • Totem rebalanced to reduce number of Followers
  • Finger of God is now more effective
  • Townlife is now more meaningful
  • New gem seams added to Homeworld
  • Rebalanced trees and rocks

v1.3 Bug FixesEdit

  • Various crash fixes including crashes on startup for both Mac and Windows
  • Fixes for crashes related to Settlements
  • Beautified land will remain beautified after exiting the game
  • Previously used Resource Cards given back for removed Advance Cards
  • Followers will no longer walk slowly on land that was previous blighted
  • Temple of Fertility statue is now actually on the temple
  • Settlements will always generate Belief
  • Settlement roads will re-draw after Abodes are moved
  • Followers on fire will die even when on Beautified land or in a Settlement
  • New opening flyover
  • Shrines are now more distinctive
  • Belief gain modified to be slower when game is shut down
  • God Power icons crisper
  • Villagers will recover correctly after being in water then rescued
  • Crash when attacking a Castle in Story Battle fixed
  • “FULL” from Abode info no longer getting stuck on screen
  • Belief musical chain “fail” will not play after collecting only one Belief bubble
  • Collecting Belief from a Settlement will continue the musical chain
  • Bach’s First Prelude now plays in full
  • Shrubs on Statue of Settlement shadow fixed
  • Statue of Settlement no longer floating
  • Statue of Settlement destruction crash fixed
  • Statue of Settlement door is blue in Homeworld
  • Statue of Settlement flag will be striped with sprogging is available
  • Fix for odd behaviour of Followers from Settlement sprogging
  • Mining is now more significant to Followers
  • Z-fighting on Settlement base fixed
  • Flag SFX will play on Settlement
  • Failsafe against Armageddon being usable in Homeworld
  • Shrines will continue to build after exiting the game
  • Totem number will not remain on screen when Totem is deactivated
  • Card descriptions on Felt Tents and Permanent Abodes changed to reflect new functionality
  • Fixed lighting on Abodes and fences
  • Fixed Followers getting stuck at Totem
  • Belief and Follower info dialogue removed on Abodes in a Settlement
  • SFX volume cannot be set to NULL


Beta Update v1.2.1 released on 17th September, 2013.

  • Followers will now build past 2000+ Followers
  • Multi-clicking on Gem bug removed
  • Multiple Steam profiles and saves now supported
  • Rubble takes fewer clicks to clear (2 instead of 5)
  • List of resolutions updated in options menu
  • Fixed 0x0 resolution bug
  • Removed debug editor option from F8
  • Raised limit on placement of settlements to 10
  • Fixed bug where settlements stop working after save/load
  • Speed of followers to Totem increased by 10%
  • Re-balanced the birth rate of rank 4-6 Abodes
  • Graphical improvements to the battle map screen
  • Shaders corrected on trees – beautify now more beautiful
  • Contours shadows added on Landscape
  • Abodes now only eject 1 follower at a time
  • Less tripping of Followers animation
  • Improved water surface
  • Improved follower terrain response
  • State of the Gem mine now saves
  • Rebalancing of Gems in the mine
  • Preparing the world for Bronze age farming
  • Various icon revisions
  • Various text updates
  • Various crash fixes

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